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Quality, Health, Safety, Security And Environment.

We are committed to Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

As a company, Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental issues take precedence in all areas of our operation. In order to ensure safe and incident-free operations, we adhere to the highest safety standards ensuring no work is too important to compromise safety. It is a core value that reinforces our culture of safe behaviour.

We are well placed to prioritise human factors, ensuring that the risk of workplace injury is as low as possible. We recognise that people are our most important asset and it is our responsibility to ensure that all personnel, whether working directly for us or on our behalf always have a safe place to work. We go further to instil these values such that each one of us embodies a safety inclined lifestyle which is also distilled down to our individual family living. We will continuously strive to promote a healthy living lifestyle albeit at home, at work or in play.

We are environmentally aware therefore we work to minimise the impact of our activities on the environment through a sustainable Environmental policy that guide our operation.

To ensure our quality control & quality assurance, occupational health, safety and environmental systems meet global standards, we subscribe to the top quality management systems. These are periodically examined for success in order to ensure we meet and exceed expected criteria.

Furthermore, we will also comply with all applicable QHSSE laws, regulations and industry requirements related to our work activities in whichever country we operate in.

Tenaceoffshores iso standards
Tenaceoffshores DNV-GL-ISO-9001-14001-45001-Certificate
Tenaceoffshoress Bureau_Veritas standards
Tenaceoffshores ABS Standards
Tenaceoffshores SON standards
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