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Ship Management

Tenace offshores is a trusted provider of comprehensive ship management services, offering expert solutions to ship owners and operators worldwide. With our wealth of experience, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence, we ensure the smooth and efficient operation of vessels while maintaining the highest standards of safety, compliance, and performance. Our ship management services cover a wide range of essential functions: ​

  • Technical Management: We provide comprehensive technical management services to ensure the optimal performance and seaworthiness of vessels. Our dedicated team of experts oversees maintenance planning, vessel inspections, and repairs, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. We strive for cost-effective maintenance strategies that minimize downtime and maximize vessel efficiency.

  • Safety and Compliance: Safety is our top priority. We have robust safety management systems in place to ensure compliance with international regulations and industry standards. Our experienced team monitors and enforces safety protocols conducts regular audits, and implements effective risk management strategies to create a safe working environment for crews and protect assets.

  • Commercial Management: We offer commercial management services, assisting ship owners with chartering, voyage planning, and commercial negotiations. Our experienced team optimizes vessel utilization, monitors market conditions, and maximizes revenue potential for our clients.

  • Financial Management: We provide transparent and efficient financial management services to ship owners. Our dedicated team handles financial reporting, budgeting, and cost control, and ensures compliance with financial obligations, allowing ship owners to focus on their core business activities.

  • Procurement and Supply Chain: We manage the procurement and supply chain activities for vessels, ensuring the timely sourcing and delivery of spare parts, consumables, and provisions. Our strategic partnerships and efficient supply chain processes enable us to optimize costs and minimize downtime.

  • Regulatory Compliance: We stay up to date with evolving regulations and ensure compliance with international maritime laws and industry requirements. Our experienced team monitors regulatory changes, implements necessary measures, and conducts internal audits to ensure vessels under our management adhere to all applicable rules and regulations.

At Tenace offshores our commitment to excellence, safety, and operational efficiency sets us apart. We work closely with ship owners and operators, tailoring our ship management services to their specific needs and requirements. With our proven track record and dedication to delivering exceptional results, we strive to be the preferred partner for ship management services, offering peace of mind and reliable support throughout the lifecycle of vessels.

Cargo Inspections/Surveys

We offer comprehensive cargo inspection services to ensure the integrity, quality, and compliance of goods being transported throughout the supply chain. With our experienced team of inspectors and advanced inspection techniques, we provide reliable and independent assessments that help mitigate risks, maintain regulatory compliance, and safeguard the interests of our clients.

Our cargo inspection services encompass a wide range of activities tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and their industries:

  • Pre-ship cargo survey: Our skilled inspectors meticulously examine cargo to verify its quality, condition, and compliance with industry standards and specifications. We assess packaging, labeling, weight, dimensions, and other relevant factors to ensure the goods meet the agreed-upon requirements. We also conduct precise quantity verifications to ensure accurate measurements and billing.

  • Cargo Loading/Sealing and Unloading/Unsealing  

  • Cargo damage survey

  • Insurance loss damage

  • Container inspections

  • Container Stuffing and Un-stuffing 

  • Cargo weight survey

  • Warehouse Inspection

  • Draft/Draught survey

  • Bunker survey

  • Hold and hatch cleanliness inspection. 

  • Ultrasonic hatch leak detection test (Cygnus hatch sure). Cygnus Hatch Sure is an ultrasonic leak detector able to perform a quick and effective evaluation of cargo hold hatch covers and door seals to determine water leaks and weather tightness. The system consists of a battery-powered transmitter containing 19 ultrasound emitters (40 kHz). The emitters are arranged to produce an omnidirectional sound field, uniformly distributed throughout the cargo hold. The receiver part of the system displays the sound energy level that passes through gaps in the enclosed cargo hold to enable the location of leaks to be quickly and accurately identified.

  • Safety and Compliance Assurance: We prioritize safety and compliance in all our cargo inspections. Our inspectors are well-versed in applicable regulations, hazardous materials handling protocols, and transportation guidelines. We assess the adherence to safety standards, proper stowage, securing, and handling procedures to prevent accidents, minimize risks, and protect against potential damage or contamination during transit.

  • Documentation Review and Compliance: Our cargo inspection services include a thorough review of shipping documents, such as bills of lading, certificates of origin, packing lists, and customs declarations. We ensure that all required paperwork is accurate, complete, and in compliance with relevant regulations. This helps facilitate smooth customs clearance and reduces the likelihood of delays or disputes.

  • Risk Mitigation and Loss Prevention: We assist our clients in identifying potential risks or vulnerabilities associated with their cargo. Our inspectors assess factors such as appropriate stowage, securing methods, and handling procedures to minimize the risk of damage, theft, spoilage, or other hazards that could impact the cargo during transportation. Our goal is to help our clients mitigate risks and prevent losses.

We are committed to delivering accurate, reliable, and timely cargo inspection services. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the supply chain and protecting our clients' interests. With our expertise, advanced inspection techniques, and commitment to excellence,  we provide our clients with confidence, transparency, and peace of mind throughout their cargo transportation processes.

P&I insurance survey by Tenace offshores Lagos Nigeria marine accident investigation for oil tankers chemical Bulk carriers
Marine Survey Services

We are a leading provider of comprehensive marine survey services, offering expert solutions to clients in the maritime industry. With our team of experienced marine surveyors and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide accurate and reliable assessments to ensure the safety, compliance, and efficiency of vessels and maritime operations.

        Our marine survey services encompass a wide range of critical areas:

  • Condition Surveys: We conduct thorough condition surveys to assess the overall condition and seaworthiness of vessels. Our experienced surveyors inspect hulls, machinery, equipment, and systems, identifying any structural or operational deficiencies. These surveys assist ship owners, insurers, and operators in making informed decisions regarding vessel maintenance, repairs, and sales.

  • Pre-Purchase/Pre-hire Surveys: We offer pre-purchase and pre-hire surveys to assist potential buyers in evaluating vessels before purchase. Our surveyors meticulously inspect and assess all aspects of the vessel, including its condition, compliance with regulations, and suitability for intended use. These surveys provide valuable information to aid in making informed investment decisions.

  • Marine Insurance Surveys ( P&I ) : We conduct marine insurance surveys to assess risk, evaluate vessel condition, and determine insurance coverage. Our surveyors examine vessels, machinery, and equipment to identify potential hazards, compliance issues, or safety risks. These surveys assist insurance companies in underwriting policies and determining appropriate coverage terms.

  • Port and Terminal Surveys: We offer port and terminal surveys to evaluate the suitability and safety of ports, terminals, and related infrastructure. Our surveyors assess navigational conditions, berthing facilities, cargo handling equipment, and safety protocols. These surveys provide valuable insights to port authorities, operators, and shipping companies, ensuring efficient and safe operations.

  • Regulatory Compliance Surveys: We assist clients in ensuring compliance with international maritime regulations and industry standards. Our surveyors conduct regulatory compliance surveys to verify adherence to safety, security, and environmental requirements. We help clients identify and rectify any non-compliance issues, enhancing safety culture and reducing the risk of penalties or operational disruptions.

  • Hull and Machinery Inspections

  • Security system Inspections

  • Safety systems inspections

  • Under-keel Inspections 

  • Fire detection systems Inspections 

  • Flag state inspection

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement/Gauging Test 

  • Pre-sire and Pre-class Inspections 

  • Marine accident/Incident inspections

  • New Build and Salvage Inspection

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality marine survey services with utmost professionalism and integrity. Our experienced team of marine surveyors applies their expertise, industry knowledge, and advanced technology to provide accurate assessments and actionable insights. We are committed to serving our clients' needs, protecting their interests, and promoting safety and efficiency in the maritime industry.

Marine Crew management by Tenace offshores Lagos Nigeria
Crew Management

We specialize in crew management, ensuring the recruitment, training, and management of highly skilled and qualified seafarers. We handle crew rotations, payroll administration, and welfare matters, ensuring that our clients have a competent and motivated crew onboard their vessels.

Marine services by Tenaceoffshores lagos, Nigeria
Vessel Charter, Sales/Acquisitions, and General Marine Consultancy

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