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 Marine surveyor at Tenaceoffshores lagos, Nigeria
Ship Bridge at Tenaceoffshores
Ship management at Tenaceoffshores Nigeria
Marine engine by MAN B&W at Tenaceoffshores Nigeria
Ship Main Engine switchboard. Marine services in Nigeria with Tenaceoffshores chevron field
Bridge wing during marine survey in Lagos, Nigeria at Tenaceoffshores
Fire pump repair survey by Tenaceoffshores Nigeria for P&I clubs
Ballast Tank inspection for P&I insurance by Tenaceoffshore Nigeria
Lifeboat inspection by Tenace offshores Nigeria for Skuld and American P&I club
Tenaceoffshore safety survey for Shell, chevron, exxonmobile Nigeria. Shipping industry
Cygnus Ultrasonic hatch cover test in Nigeria for P&I Club on Bulk carriers discharging cargo
Marine services with Tenaceoffshores Nigeria
Maritime Nigeria Tenaceoffshores
Cargo surveying by Tenaceoffshores using cygnus ultrasonic hatch sure equipment for leak detection. Marine services
Cargo inspectoion, Dry and bulk cargo inspection by Tenace offshores in Nigeria, Lome, cotonou for Insurance
Emergency fire pump test for safety purposes by Tenaceoffshores for BV, DNVGL, LR, ABS
Marine Engine inspection by Tenaceoffshores Nigeria for Insurance. Protection and indemnity, Hull and Machinery inspection
Bulk carriers hatchcover rubber inspection using Cygnus Ultrasonic hatchcover tester by Tenaceoffshores Nigeria
Giant crane on Dry/Bulk carriers by Tenaceoffshores Nigeria. Draft survey,Cargo Sealing and Unsealing
Marine Engine by Tenace offshores Nigeria. ship management in Nigeria. P&I inspections, Marine accident investigations
Marine insurance inspectipn by Tenaceoffshores
Cygnus Ultrasonic hatch cover tester for leak detection | cargo surveyor | Maritime Nigeria | Ultrasonic hatch cover test in lome, Togo , Cotonou
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